Tips for sellers

First impressions are so very vital to anyone who is looking to buy a home or business, so that is why it is your job to ensure that your property is looking both fresh, and clean, before accompanied viewings from us commence.

Easy, and not very expensive tasks, such as repainting your front door, clearing the entrance hall or sitting room, can often make a world of difference to a buyer, as these are probably the first two rooms that they will inspect!

Below we offer you some very useful tips on how to present your home for sale, which we believe will help and assist in achieving a sale for you in the timescale you require, and for the best possible price.

You really don’t need to be a top interior designer, or even a DIY expert, to make a real difference to the presentation of your home, but by putting in a bit of effort, into certain key areas, it can vastly improve your chances of beating the current competition on the market.

Finish Off Odd Jobs

Now is the time to stop putting off mending that leaking shower, or broken kitchen cupboard door, that is damaged and hanging off its hinges. You have to honestly ask yourself, would I move into a property that has lots of unfinished DIY tasks.

With the answer almost certainly being no, then this is the time for action! Get your screwdriver out, or head of to your nearest DIY store, and then get cracking with those small, but important, jobs which just need finishing off.

Take a good look around your property, be objective, and do what you can to help to create the right first impression, as your potential buyer will do, as they walk through your front door. You may even have some light bulbs that need replacing, which always helps to give the illusion of a lot more space during the darker winter months. Change them!

A Good Clean

A really good clean, from top to bottom, can make a world of difference to your property. If your home is looking a little dull and tired, then an intensive clean, sometimes even from a professional cleaning company, will make your home feel a lot more modern and inviting.

Potential buyers will often be put off by the existence of pet hairs on your furniture, and on carpets, so this is why we thoroughly recommend hoovering all of your carpets, and if there are stains, then having your carpets professionally cleaned. It really can make a world of difference, and could get you the sale that you are looking for!

Eliminate Smells

It is certainly a well known fact that bad smells can be the biggest turn off to potential buyers. Certain smells like dogs, cigarette smoke, mould and even pet food can often linger and become ingrained into furniture fabrics, which, although you may have become accustomed to, your potential buyers will not!

It’s a great, and not expensive, idea to invest in some plug in air fresheners, which automatically exude lovely fragrances at regulated times, and also ensure that your windows are partially open before a viewing commences to bring in the fresh air. All of these easy tasks can often give your property a much more homely feel to a viewer.

De-Personalise & Go Neutral

It is important to de-personalise your home before a viewing commences, so that the potential buyer can picture themselves living there.

The potential buyer needs to mentally put their own stamp on the property, and if your home is crammed full of personal family portraits, and personal objects, then they will find it much more difficult to imagine themselves living there.

By keeping your colour scheme and décor more neutral, makes your property feel much more brighter and lighter, making it appear even more spacious, and making the appearance a lot more inviting and pleasing to the eye.


The appearance of your gardens is equally important in producing the right first impression to a potential buyer, and clearing up your outside space can be vital in securing a sale.

Make sure that your lawns have been recently mowed (weather permitting of course), that your flower beds have been weeded and your driveway is kept clean and clear.

It is also a good idea to check the status of your boundary fencing, in case there has been some damage that you may not have noticed. Repair or replace any broken fence panels. Your potential buyer will notice these things, even if you don’t!

And Finally

This list is not finite but if you are considering selling we are happy to visit your property and discuss how best to present it to this ever changing market.

Whats your property worth?

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